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Goals of the senior year?

- A passing grade (lol)
- Explore an subject outside of my comfort zone
- Learn some new/interesting techs
- A project that means some values
- Be a better designer (and person)

Skills to develop?

- Machine learning & data management (kinda jealous about the other class, looking fun)
- Python (to develop early app prototypes or web animations)
- Communication skills (to be a nicer teammate and better designer)
- Documentation skills (I'll practice that here)

What does a successful project look like to me?

- A product that serves a particular purpose and provides a meaningful value to target users
- A project that goes through all necessary design processes including primary/secondary research, rounds of prototyping, user testing and iterations
- A product that looks real and feasible. Nothing too wild and untouchable
- Well branded (that's just me)

My concerns?

- Balance of time (19 hours of work study this semester and potentially 40 hours of full-time work next semester)
- Over-doing on project that results time inefficiency
- Not able to land on one idea (there are always many ideas)
- Overly tech-driven
- Lazy on research, early prototyping and documentation

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