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Better environment working from home

Hourglass is an tangible and intuitive input for changing your home environment. It acts as a switch to your linked smart devices, like your Phillips Hue and Sonos speaker, and with a single flip or twist, it lets those devices to perform as preferred.


"Work from home" is becoming a better alternative for more people who struggle to commute to office and inefficiently spend their time in the office. However, the interior of office is overall a better environment for work, compared to a cozy bedroom. Because of the value of time, some of us work in the bedroom, but often get distracted by the environment, which is always attractively comfortable and lazes people.

The objective is to design a solution that helps to make the home environment more suitable for work, with an easy and intuitive input. We hope that with this product, more people can choose to work from home and be efficient evermore.


This is a 3 weeks project including research and production. Claire and I handled research separately and developed the concept together. I mainly covered branding, visual design and physical prototyping.
Claire ZhouTiger Zhao


Aynne Valencia interaction design


Turn your room around with a flip

The physical hourglass itself is the essential part of the product, as its name suggests. It is a tiny device that looks quiet on your desk, but it links to all your smart devices in your room. With a single flip or twist on the dials, a mode timer can be set, making the environment changes with ease.

A minimal app that does the maximum

Hourglass app only helps to give you a tutorial, linking your smart devices, browse your work record, and that's it. The app allows users to do precise adjustment of their desired setting of their linked devices, making sure the experience is accurate and customizable.