Aero Sona

Archive your memories with music

Aero Sona is a cross-platform music ecosystem for travelers and music lovers that features location and mood playlists, NFC device-casting connection and continuous airplane screen interface.


The project is initially instructed as a branding exercise, which is to design a music player app for travelers and frequent flyers with the given name Aero Sona. I want to take the opportunity to design this software to be a competitor with Apple Music and Spotify as I see some positive points to learn and potential improvements to improve.

As I develop the app, I spend time on observing gesture control, icon sizes, overall UI and brand language for both of my competitors. My goal is to design an easy-to-use app that travelers and flyers are happy and enjoyed to use on their trips.


This is an 4 weeks individual project


Aynne Valencia interaction design


Best feeds for the trip

Aero Sona's hone screen provides customized music feed to users. These recommendations are based on user's location and the weather, which help serving perfect refreshing contents for travelers.

Music player, only neater

With the clean interface that contains all your tracks, the yellow highlight color makes the selected item very visible. The use of yellow represent the speed of lightening, but it's also because human eyes perceive yellow the fastest.

Same icons, different feelings

Humans are visual creatures. Aero Sona's music control page uses the main color of the album as its background color blend. It increases visual element of the interface and thus more individuality of the tracks.

Synced up, even on the fly

Using a NFC-compatible smartphone, Aero Sona allows users to sync their profile to the airplane's display. The dark-backgrounded theme with a slight yellow highlight color makes it eye-friendly in a dark space.

Good mood deserves great music

Aero Sona detects your surrounding weather and temperature based on user's location and estimates possible mood, feeding corresponding songs to feature the emotion. This varies a lot on a travel trip, but isn't that the fun part?

Archive your memories with music

Aero Sona believes that different journeys deserve to create their own special pieces of memory, and music is a significant one that does it powerfully. Using posters and other touch-points like the website, Aero Sona impresses the users and the potential users to enjoy traveling to different places which using Aero Sona, to own their own part of the memories.


Brand research

Style study with the competitors and the partners

Starting to design a brand out of no where is a challenge. My design approach is something elegant, young and neat. In order to prepare a style tile for my design, I begin to study my competitors as well as the potential partners. I choose Spotify and Apple Music because of their market shares, and Emirates as my partner because they target high-end customers and they care about providing great experience.

The hunt for a similar taste

Mood boards are assembled to provide visual guidance for brand design. Based on the traveling feature and my personal taste of simplicity, I collect images that express enjoyment, leisure and minimalism. They are attempting to differentiate the brand than the competitors, and find similarity then the cooperated brand.

Designed for the young and the adventurous

Charlotte represents the user group of Aero Sona. She loves music as well as going to different places. She is heavily inspired by the minimal and slick feelings that's happening in her life and she wish her music player does the same. By displaying a brief background information to Charlotte, I want to provide a clearer image of the product and who the product is serving.

Charlotte Thompson

Youtuber, traveler
- From Vancouver, Canada
- Loves sunshine, new stuffs and fun people
- Listens to Hip-Pop, Jazz and Souls
- Sings, plays guitar, and drinks coffee everyday
- Films about world’s fun and interesting places

Brand design

Logo exploration

​​​​​​​The initial logo explorations went many directions. The desired brand style should be expressing similar language with the inspirations, as well as the initials "A" and "S". Some outputs show inspirations from CD players, birds (because they sing), musical notes, sound waves and sharp lines.Several logo directions were picked and digitized during the sketch round.

Digital logo development visualizes more details and colors. Font manipulation is a big portion of the exploration as both Serif and San Serif fonts are experimented. Multiple colors are also tested. Most choices are further refinement on the hand-sketching logo. There are also one style tile made for each development. They are springboards for choosing the final brand style.

Meanings behind the logo

The 8th logo development is chosen for the final design. The logo is mainly inspired from the Chinese character "Jin" which means "today" or "present". I want to take on the idea for Aero Sona to show its ability to keep music updated to users by having this meaning. There would also be the feature of time and location based music feed to users because the app is recommended to use for travel purposes. The color is inspired by the lightning icon which represents the sense of fastness and instantness.

Immersiveness. Fastness. Timelessness.

The final style tile demonstrates the general theme, color choice and icon language for the design. Using the dark background is for a more comfortable reading in a dark environment like the airplane. With only yellow being the prominent / highlighted color, Aero Sona has the interface that makes users focus more on the contents. The icons are designed to be modern and readable.


Simple flow works better

The wireframes show a general flow of Aero Sona and what the app can do. The interface starts from Library page and Browse page. They are two sections that links to personal and outside resources. This layout creates easier hierarchy for users when they are looking for contents. From the Library page, users can access to saved songs, location playlist and mood playlist, which are Aero Sona's selling points. Location playlist feeds music based on your current location. Mood playlist suggests music based on current weather, but it's user's choice to shuffle for a different mood, because why not? We are emotional creatures :)

Using contents to customize the interface

The interface is designed to be elegant, modern and informative. Aero Sona promotes visual contents so the image tiles are large with very narrow gaps in between.The background color changes based on the on-playing music's album main color. The clickable sections are designed to be easy to reach and clear to read for users under low light environments.

Accessible controls for accessible contents

Fundamental features that a good music player should have are designed to be simple and accessible.The song information has everything essential that users need - especially lyrics and volume control. Under option button there are big buttons for more actions for easier access.

Fundamental features that a good music player should have are designed to be simple and accessible.The song information has everything essential that users need - especially lyrics and volume control. Under option button there are big buttons for more actions for easier access.


Aero Sona is designed to serve better music listening experience with more intuitive UX and more appealing UI. Enjoy using Aero Sona and take it to archive your memories with music.